California: Home to Your Next Power Trucks USA Franchise

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California is home to some of the biggest attractions in the US. From Disney Land to Hollywood, there is no shortage of things to do in California. California is also the most populous state in the US with a population of 39,613,493.  In addition to its most well-known attractions, here are five reasons why opening a Power Trucks USA franchise in California would be ideal:

  1. Yosemite – One of the biggest national parks stretches the scenic mountain region of east-central California about 140 miles from San Francisco. By opening a Power Trucks USA franchise in San Francisco you have the opportunity to offer top-of-the-line accessories to locals and tourists alike – especially those who want their trailers or trucks to have hitches installed so they can bring their campers, boats or kayaks to this amazing national park.
  1. Pimping your Ride – The car scene in California is always growing. There are no shortages of people looking for ways to customize their cars. Opening a franchise in Los Angeles would give locals a one-stop-shop to have customizations installed such as the best audio systems, and LED lights. 
  1. Off Roading – California is home to some of the best off-roading trials in the US. The Lost Horse Mine Loop Trail is one of the most popular destinations for off-roading and hiking. Opening a location near the trail is ideal for ATV’s, off-roading and camping. By opening a Power Trucks USA franchise, you are the go-to for thrill seekers looking to get their trucks or Jeeps ready to go off-roading. This includes installing heavy tires, lift-kits, shocks and suspensions.
  1. Lake Tahoe & Beaches – A beautiful destination for fishing, hiking, and camping. By opening a franchise near Lake Tahoe, you can become the all-inclusive accessories and maintenance shop for locals and tourists to take their trailers or trucks to have anything from tonneau covers to seat covers installed so they can safely transport their fishing or camping equipment safely. On top of that, southern California is home to some of the best piers and surfing beaches in the country. By opening a franchise in SoCal, you can provide roof racks and bike racks to help customers safely transport their surf boards or bikes to these amazing beaches. 
  1. Be your own boss: Opening a Power Trucks USA location means you get to be your own boss. Power Truck USA team sells and installs everything bumper-to-bumper. While in the shop, the team provides other maintenance that customers require, from brakes to oil changes to new tires. But the company’s top product is customer service. Power Truck USA is legendary among its repeat, loyal customer base for doing whatever is necessary to meet customer expectations, including resolving dissatisfaction.

Power Trucks USA Helps Create Community Leaders

Tim Seltzer, chief operating officer of Power Trucks USA Franchising, states, “By franchising, we can offer a turnkey opportunity to hard-working, motivated individuals who are looking to own a lucrative business and become leaders in their communities. With our support and mentoring, they will have all the tools to become experts in the automotive aftermarket accessory industry.”

He also notes the additional benefits of owning a Power Trucks USA franchise:

  • Entry on the ground floor of an underserved market
  • Low investment with high-revenue potential
  • National and state territory availability
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Recession-resistant business

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