Five Reasons Utah is Ideal for Power Trucks USA Franchising

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The most popular vehicle in Utah is actually a truck — the Ford F-series. With these trucks dominating the landscape, now would be ideal to open a Power Trucks USA franchise in Utah to make sure all those F-series have top of the line parts and modifications. Five other reasons why now is ideal to open a franchise in Utah include:

  1. Utah’s population: Utah’s population is steadily increasing. Utah’s current growth rate of 1.6%, makes it the 4th fastest-growing state in the country. With the population increasing and more vehicles to be taking over the roads, now is the time to open a Power Trucks USA franchise!
  2. Utah’s Many Ski and Snowboard Attractions: Utah is one of the best places for skiing and snowboarding. With awesome places like Snowbird, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain Resort, there are no shortages of places to check out. A Powers Trucks USA franchise in Utah would have all the skiers’ and snowboarders’ trucks ready to hit the trails. From lift kits and snow tires to get through the thick snow to floormats that keep your interior squeaky clean after you hit the trails, Power Trucks USA will be the go to one-stop-shop for all these adventurers’ needs. 
  3. It Snows A Lot: The most populated area in Utah is Salt Lake City. The average annual snowfall in Salt Lake City is 51.9 inches in just 31.4 days. In the town of Alta, where many skiers and snowboarders visit, it snows 458.3 inches in 84.7 days. Opening a Power Trucks USA franchise in Salt Lake City would have this towns trucks ready to make the trip to Alta!
  4. Off-Roading: It’s not all snow in Utah — there are also incredible areas to go off-roading. Moab, Utah is home to some of the best 4X4 off-roading trails in the country. A Power Trucks USA franchise in or near Moab can offer these drivers top of the line lift kits, shocks, off-roading tires, hitches, and winches to tackle these trails.
  5. Be your own boss: Opening a Power Trucks USA location means you get to be your own boss. Power Truck USA team sells and installs everything bumper-to-bumper. While in the shop, the team provides other maintenance customers require, from brakes to oil changes to new tires. But the company’s top product is customer service. Power Truck USA is legendary among its repeat, loyal customer base for doing whatever is necessary to meet customer expectations, including resolving dissatisfaction.

Power Trucks USA Helps Create Community Leaders

Tim Seltzer, chief operating officer of Power Trucks USA Franchising, states, “By franchising, we can offer a turnkey opportunity to hard-working, motivated individuals who are looking to own a lucrative business and become leaders in their communities. With our support and mentoring, they will have all the tools to become experts in the automotive aftermarket accessory industry.”

He also notes the additional benefits of owning a Power Trucks USA franchise:

  • Entry on the ground floor of an underserved market
  • Low investment with high-revenue potential
  • National and state territory availability
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Recession-resistant business

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