Five Great Road Trip Destinations for Summer

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Summer is here and now is the time to pack up your car and hit the road with your friends or family. Not sure where to go? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Check out these great roadtrip locations for all types of adventures (and maybe you’ll find your dream franchise location along the way).

Moab, Utah

If you love off-roading then Moab, Utah is the place for you. This iconic off-roading destination is ideal for 4X4 trucks and other off roading rigs. Some of the trails here can be really intense so stop by a Power Trucks USA location to make sure your car is ready to go. This is a great spot for off-road lovers, and a perfect place to open a Power Trucks USA franchise location to help other adventurers with all their off-roading needs!

Tucson, Arizona

When people think of Arizona they usually think Grand Canyon, but there are so many other awesome road trip destinations worth visiting in Arizona. Head off the beaten path to Tucson to see the beautiful Saguaro National Park, home to a variety of unique animals such as roadrunners, bobcats and more. In addition to the cool wildlife, you’ll see cacti, desert streams, and beautiful landscapes on the many scenic drive routes or hiking trails.

Nashville, Tennessee

This iconic US city has become the focal point of road trips in recent years. Dubbed Music City, this city is known for its iconic music scene. Every road trip needs good music. Visit a Power Trucks USA location for any audio needs so you can blast that bumping playlist on your way to Tennessee. This is also a great destination to open a franchise: take care of music lover’s automotive audio needs and get those speakers working overtime while enjoying more work/life balance for yourself! You deserve to enjoy that music scene too.  

30A, Florida

Steer away from your regular Florida trip to Miami or Disney World because 30A in Florida is ideal for road trippers. This scenic highway is a hidden gem in a state that has massive attractions. 30A hugs Florida’s emerald coast and features white sand beaches, teal waters, and rare dune lakes. The town of Seaside is a great place to stop along the highway and take in everything that’s around you!

Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway, New Mexico 

There is so much more to New Mexico than being the home to where Breaking Bad was filmed. The Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway is an 84 mile stretch that showcases what makes New Mexico a great road trip destination. The Byway features historic towns, and Wheeler Peak, New Mexico’s highest mountain.

Now that you have places to go, why wait around? Plan that trip while the weather is still warm!

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