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Owning a pickup truck has historically been a male-driven endeavor, with marketing and styles all gearing towards men. But times, they are a changin’ and more and more women are embracing the power, fun, confidence-inducing – and practicality of owning trucks — and tricking them out for their own style and uses! At Power Trucks USA we know all women are inherently tough – so any woman is an ideal truck owner in our books. We love the stories that ERICA MUELLER has pulled together  – empowering and inspirational!


Some ladies choose vehicles based on what’s practical for their current stage of life, or what they think looks fashionable. But a lot of girls love trucks, and for these women, considering anything else for their next purchase would seem like a compromise!


I still remember my dad’s first truck. It was a little Toyota from back in the day before they were called Tacomas. It was a beater that had seen better days, and at some point, it was either silver, white, or red… I’m not sure which color was the original because someone had pieced it all together. We called it the truck of many colors. That little truck hauled firewood almost every weekend. I loved riding beside my dad when we’d take the truck out for a weekend to go fishing or to clean out a barn and bring home some natural fertilizer for the family garden.

When I was a tween, my dad upgraded to a 1993 Dodge Dakota. That was the first vehicle I ever drove. One day, he tossed me the keys and said, “Drive up and down the driveway, while your brother picks up the big rocks and puts them in the back.” And I did. I’d driven the lawn mower several times. I even learned to drive the John Deere tractor and mow the fields, but I’d never drive a car.

We went a few years without a truck, but we always had big vehicles. I took my permit test and drove home in our family’s 15-passenger van. I’m still the first one to offer to drive the moving truck, test drive the biggest newest pickup on the market, and any project that requires a truck is a good project in my book. Big vehicles are in my blood.


I guess I’ve always taken the phrase, “girls love trucks,” for granted because in Texas, it’s a universal truth. When I talk to friends from other states, I’m always surprised when they don’t share this love.

I decided to ask my girlfriends who have trucks, or whose husbands have trucks that they drive, why they love their trucks!


“Biggest thing for me is ride height. Cars are too low to the ground for me. I like being able to have a higher view. I like a vehicle that is stronger and tougher and can handle just about anything you throw at it from hauling kids to lumber.” – April Ockerman, SoccerMomLife.com

“I LOVE trucks! It was my first vehicle that I learned to drive in and I’ve been begging my husband to buy one – especially since we’re looking for a new vehicle! I love that you can throw all sorts of stuff in the back. I love that you are sitting up higher in traffic than a car – it makes me feel safer.” – Crystal Rapinchuk, SurvivingATeachersSalary.com


Ok, so the best trucks make us feel safer, taller, and more capable. They lift us up above the crowd so we can SEE where we’re going. And they’re crazy practical!

But I think it goes a lot deeper for some of us. I know when I used to drive an old ’84 Chevy around town, the looks of respect I’d get from guys always made me smile!

“As a woman, sometimes I feel that I am underestimated. On the surface, my smaller stature may lead folks to think I’m not a force to reckon with, but just like my favorite Ram truck, there is a lot more going on under the hood. I’m strong, dependable and will fight for what I think is right. I like how trucks are a powerful tool to accomplish some very cool enterprises in life. I love how the 2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn features luxury and intricate details, but also serious power under the hood and chassis. I have to admit, I feel stronger when I’m driving a truck, the extra muscle gives me more courage, it’s like someone’s got my back.” – Kimberly Shults, FCA

“There is NOTHING better than a truck!! I was a single mom for a while and had myself a Ford F250 – it enabled me to be independent, to haul anything, to go anywhere. Once you own a truck it is hard to go back to ANYTHING else… When you sit in a car you feel like you are sitting on the macadam, you are WAY to low to the ground. Sitting higher gives you the advantage of sight and safety in my opinion. So many advantages to haul and tow anything – antiquing and thrifting becomes a whole new ball game… It afforded me the privilege to take my kids fishing in my 14′ fishing boat… It’s a truck or nothing… 🙂 The only thing that compared even remotely to my truck was my Harley but of course for different reasons! My truck is like our off-grid lifestyle. Once you’ve been there – there is no going back!! Could not go without a truck – especially with our off-grid lifestyle!!” – Tammy Trayer, TrayerWilderness.com


And some of my friends are like me and don’t currently own a truck. Kristin and I drive trucks every chance we get! Whether it’s checking out the best trucks at the Texas Truck Rodeo, or a week-long loaner we’re reviewing, trucks make the day better!

“I don’t have a truck… yet… but I love them! I fell in love with the RAM 1500; and anyone who thinks driving a truck is dirty and rough really needs to sit inside the Longhorn Laramie for two minutes.” – Kristin Shaw, ThrillsandWheels.com

Is it time to tune your truck, jeep, or SUV, or (even better!) add some sweet custom accessories to it and make it look and drive fantastic? Power Trucks USA has all your favorite brands, parts, and accessories, and a team of enthusiastic and skilled mechanics at our garage in Warrenton, VA, to help you out! Call us today at (540) 349-0339, or find us on Facebook here.

Learn more about Ms. Mueller and read more about her auto blog here and this piece in entirety here.