Five Reasons Utah is Ideal for Power Trucks USA Franchising

The most popular vehicle in Utah is actually a truck — the Ford F-series. With these trucks dominating the landscape, now would be ideal to open a Power Trucks USA franchise in Utah to make sure all those F-series have top of the line parts and modifications. Five other reasons why now is ideal to […]

Waco & Austin: Prime Texas Territories for Power Trucks USA Franchise Location

Austin, Texas has a population of 996,147, and Waco, Texas has a population of 141,222 with a steady increase of 1.98% since 2020. Here are five reasons why opening a Power Trucks USA franchise in one of these cities would be ideal: The Waco Suspension Bridge spans the Brazos River and is a significant feature […]

Five Reasons Canada is Ideal for Franchising

The automotive industry in Canada is the second largest in North America. Canada recorded over 1.7 million automotive sales in 2021. With the automotive industry booming, now is the perfect time to take advantage of opening a Power Trucks USA location in Canada.  If you need more convincing, here are five reasons why Canada could […]

Arizona: An Attractive Power Trucks USA Franchise Location

Arizona is home to 22 national parks and monuments — the most well-known being the Grand Canyon– but Arizona is so much more than one tourist attraction. Here are five reasons why Arizona is the perfect place for a Power Trucks USA franchise: The Imperial Sand Dunes in Yuma, Arizona are one of the largest […]

Meet Jungle & Jinny!

Meet Our Mascots: Jungle & Jinny! Introducing Jungle & Jinny — the mascots and masterminds of Power Trucks USA. Jinny is the brains of the bunch and is always saving Jungle from the muddy situations that he gets in. Jungle is the burly, all-bark-no-bite muscle of the two. They work well together even though Jinny […]

Create a Safe Vehicle for Everyday Kid Transportation

Vehicles are wonderful conveniences for family life, but there are safety risks. The good news is – with advances in technology and automotive accessories – safety is a priority designed into modern vehicles. Here are some tips to keep your kids safe whether it’s driving to/from school, soccer practice, or playdates with friends.  Stay Calm, […]

Upgrade Your Next Wilderness Trek with Must-Have Vehicle Accessories

It’s summer and you’re itching for a road trip and spending a few nights under the stars. Before you head out, take some time to ensure you have loaded up your truck, Jeep or SUV with the right gear and supplies.  Here’s a list to get you started: Cargo Rack or Tray As spacious as […]

EPN: Power Trucks USA Franchising Opportunities Available Now POSTED: JULY 20, 2022 AT 4:57 PM   /   BY PRODUCER ERIC DYE   Jeremiah Fiel, the CEO & Founder of Power Trucks USA Franchising, your local one-stop automotive accessory shop and service center joins Enterprise Radio. This episode of Enterprise Radio is on association with the Franchising Channel. Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Jeremiah Fiel discuss the following: What […]